Children's Sizing Report Launch

Children's Sizing Report Launch
LONDON, 22 January 2013

Alvanon, the world’s leading body shape analyst and supplier of technical fit mannequins and Select Research, Europe’s foremost sizing research company, are to launch a new Shape GB Children’s Sizing report and a series of supporting Shape GB technical fit mannequins. Based on the findings of the Shape GB children’s size survey, the Shape GB report and fit forms are the result of a collaborative project between Alvanon, Select Research and six of the UK’s leading childrenswear retailers, George at ASDA, M&S, Monsoon, Next, Shop Direct group and Tesco to develop a de-facto "working standard" for sizing clothes for British children. Additional collaborators during the data collection phase for 3D scanning of children included Aston University, the University of Hertfordshire, University of Hull, Loughborough University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The new Shape GB report and fit form range will be available to any childrenswear supplier producing garments for British children from four to 17 years. The announcement represents an unprecedented agreement among top, competitive retailers to find common ground on children’s sizing for the benefit of British consumers and British children.

The aim is to provide information and tools to help childrenswear suppliers and retailers become more accurate, and more consistent in their apparel sizing and fit. This brings to smaller brands and retailers the opportunity to align their fit, if they so choose, with some of the largest and most successful retailers in the market.

The Shape GB report will detail the key findings of the most comprehensive nationwide size study of children’s measurements and body shapes since 1978 and will be available to purchase and download through the Shape GB website from Thursday 28th February 2013. The new range of Shape GB technical fit mannequins, available immediately to order direct from Alvanon, will physically represent the prominent and current body shapes and measurements of British children and will enable childrenswear suppliers to execute consistent size and fit practices across their global supply chains. The measurements detailed in the report have been endorsed and ratified by the six retail sponsors of Shape GB and the report will be available to the wider industry online at a cost of £1,450 plus VAT or will be included in the purchase of five or more Shape GB technical fit mannequinns.

Richard Barnes, managing director of Select Research explained:

“The Shape GB report summarises the key findings of the original survey in which we scanned the bodies of over 2,500 children aged four to 17 in 12 different locations across England, Scotland and Wales, generating the most accurate and comprehensive database of children’s measurements and body shapes. The survey’s retail sponsors and academic collaborators have worked closely in the true spirit of co-operation with us and Alvanon to test and agree the key findings. Together we have decided that it is in the interest of everyone, including customers, to share this information with the wider industry.”

Ed Gribbin, president of Alvanon Inc. added:

“Making this standard available to every childrenswear supplier will help retailers and brands design and make better fitting clothes for British children. Everyone will benefit. Manufacturers will have a single common standard for gauging fit, improving speed and accuracy in the quality control process and ultimately saving money. Retailers will have fewer returns due to fit while consumers will find that children’s sizing is more accurate and consistent regardless of where they shop.”

The original Shape GB survey has also involved manual measurement of 600 boys and girls under four years old. The key findings of this report and a supporting new range of Shape GB technical fit mannequins from newborn up to four will be announced later in the year.

How to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing ‘fit forms’ for the 4 to 17 year olds please contact Amanda Dix at Alvanon UK ltd on: 0207 792 5977. If you are interested in further information about the report please fill in the contact details page of this website.

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