Survey sees bodies in all dimensions

30 September 2011

Physios could benefit from access to a wealth of data collected for the recently completed National Childrenswear Survey.
More than 2,500 boys and girls across the UK, aged from four to 17, were measured by three-dimensional body scanners for the 'Shape GB - Measuring the Nation' project.

The first phase of the project was sponsored by retailers, who are now permitting the data to be used for healthcare applications.

Body Volume Index
Uses will include the further development of a new 3D obesity measurement, the body volume index (BVI).

'The increased accuracy of 3D body measurement has applications in physiotherapy, patient management and research, both for adults and children,' explains Richard Barnes, managing director of Select Research, which carried out the survey.

The survey was the first to use 3D body measurement scanners and the first data set to be created for the retail clothing industry since 1978.

Posture analysis
Mr Barnes said the Shape GB data could prove to be a useful medical reference for posture analysis and key measurements such as average arm length, back width, shoulder depth and breadth, curvature of the spine, bicep and thigh circumference.

'The scans allow up to 200 measurements to be collected in six seconds, in a non-radioactive BVI scanner, and the 3D contour images can be analysed from a PC along with a visual 3D representation of body shape,' he said.

Babies and toddlers next
A second phase of measurement is now planned, which will focus on babies and toddlers.

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