The App on a Mission to Measure the Nation!

ShapeGB is a national sizing survey designed to help retailers improve the fit of their clothes for the UK market; the first in 17 years!


Using the new innovative ShapeGB app, designed by 3D specialists Select Research, the app measures your body shape using the new revolutionary Body Volume System. You can be a part of this ground-breaking survey by downloading the app from the app store.


Enter your body shape to the ShapeGB National Sizing Survey! 







The ShapeGB App is simple to use . . . . 



Just download the ShapeGB app onto an iPad/iPhone, and then after entering some information about yourself, such as what size you are and where you shop, we will then be ready to collect your body measurements.

The body measurements are obtained by combining a person’s 3D shape with data on height, weight, age, gender, and ethnicity.


The ShapeGB app adds the body measurements to a secure national sizing database, providing retailers with the measurements to create clothes to help resize the nation.

Retailers will use the updated data to improve the sizing charts and sizing specification that they use to make clothes for you.















Who is it for?

ShapeGB is open to anyone over the age of 18 in the UK. For the national sizing survey to be representative of the entire nationwe need to measure both men and women of different shapes and sizes, and of varying ages and ethnic background. 


The more people that take part, the more accurate the data is going to be! 

If you would like to be contacted when the ShapeGB app is available to you, please add your name, email and phone type below - 

*You will only be contacted once via email with a link to the download of the ShapeGB app for your phone type

The National Sizing Survey

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