What is Shape GB?

Shape GB is the new ground-breaking adult National Size and Fit survey in the UK including Northern Ireland. Shape GB is assembling one of the most extensive and comprehensive sizes and fits surveys of men and women in the UK ever conducted. The aim of the project is to capture body measurement, silhouette data with lifestyle information from thousands of men and women.

Why is the survey being carried out?

Your participation by providing your anonymous body shape will help retailers to better understand the size and shape of people today and to improve the fit of clothes you buy.

Who is behind the project/Who are Select Research?

The project is supported by the Governmental funding body ‘Innovate UK’ and is led by Select Research Ltd, a specialist company for sizing surveys, with blue-chip retailers including:

F&F at Tesco
New Look
River Island

How can I get involved?

Anyone can get involved by downloading the ShapeGB App directly from the Apple App Store or through one of the many promotions and through participating retail’s digital platforms. If you are registered with one or more of our retail partners, you may receive an email inviting you to take part in the survey. An Android version will be released later in the year.

How does the ShapeGB app work?

It’s so simple – just download the Shape GB App from the Apple App Store, but you will need to have access to an iPhone with iOS10 or above. For consistency, data is captured on an iPhone only

  • The Shape GB App comes with a video help guide

  • There are three stages to using the ShapeGB App:

    Stage 1 Your Details Profile information, such as your gender, year of birth, height etc.

    Stage 2 Capturing your measurements and body shape Body Measurement and outlines capturing process

          Stage 3 Lifestyle Questions When you have completed the measurement and outline collection process, you will be asked to complete some lifestyle questions.

How does ShapeGB app capture my body measurements and shape?

The App uses the standard iPhone camera to takes two photographs before extracting your measurements and outline from two views, the front, and the side. The 3D image is created from the 2 photos and measurements are then taken from these. This body volume technology has been developed for healthcare and has been transferred for use in this retail for volumes and linear measurements of the body in 3D.

Do I need anyone else to help me use the Shape GB app?

For accuracy, you will need someone to help you operate the iPhone to gather your measurement and outlines data during Stage 2 only. They will need to kneel down or crouch down to take the photo.

Can I use the ShapeGB app on my own?

Not now. You need to position yourself in the front and side viewfinders to capture your measurements and silhouettes accurately and will need to be able to press a button. Sadly, the app does not work like a selfie for this project.

What do you do with the photos of me?

  •  The photos are never sent to anyone or stored anywhere either on your iPhone or on a Cloud server.

  •  The photos are only used to extract two body outlines of your shape, one from the front and one from the side.

  •  When you click ‘send’ the photos are automatically deleted and never stored.

    What should I wear?

  •  Firstly, we recommend that you watch the video guide

  •  You just need to wear something close-fitting such as a close-fitting top, a vest, close-fitting

    shorts, leggings or close-fitting bottoms. Loose or baggy clothing will interfere with your


  •  You can also wear your everyday underwear if you wish. Please remember, your photos are

    deleted and only your front and side outlines are sent to our secure server for data analysis.

  •  We also recommend that you do not wear shoes when capturing your measurements and body shape

    Where is the data stored?

We take data security and your privacy very seriously and the data gathered is sent to a Cloud server and stored securely using the encrypted software.

  • Select Research are the Data Controllers, which means that we are custodians of your data and will hold that in trust. The retailers are provided with anonymous data for their sizing and body shape analysis.

  • We will never pass on or sell your personal details to anyone without your consent.

    Will anyone be able to identify me?

  • Your measurements, silhouettes and lifestyle data are stored in a separate place to any personally identifiable information such as an email address or your first name only

  • Your measurements, shape and market research data are amalgamated into ‘generic’dataset that is accessed by people with special permissions only. You will not be identifiable

  • Any personally identifiable data is only linked to your measurement, silhouettes and lifestyle data if you agree to be contacted for future research linked to the survey

  • You will have the choice to Opt-in or Opt-out to being contacted again

  • In any event, if you Opted In, Select Research Limited would contact you directly via the

    email address you gave us

    What will I receive for taking part?

You will also have the option to be entered into a free prize draw where you can win some amazing prizes including 1st Prize Draw of £1,000 cash, 1 of 5 iPads, 1 of 10 Fitbit Alta. Please click on the link in the footer for terms and conditions. 

Why must I be 18 to take part?

The threshold for adults is 18 years old. We have recently completed a Shape GB Childrenswear survey which covered all children aged up to 18 years old. This survey will cover all adults 18+.

Am I able to take part if I have a physical disability?

To obtain accurate data the person taking the photograph will need to be standing, if you are unable to and want to take part in the survey we can provide you with a chart where you can provide your measurements. Please email for the chart.

Am I able to scan another person into the survey using my app?

Yes and we encourage this. We would like to scan as many people as possible, the more the better as we are measuring the nation!

Can I take part if I am pregnant?

Yes, please scan yourself as usual and email us directly at to let us know and we will use the data for maternity wear purposes.

Why is the government funding this project?

This project is important for the clothing industry, data will be available to clothing manufacturers ensuring more accurate sizing for participating retailers across the nation.

When will the results be announced?

Results from the National Sizing Survey will be announced in 2020.

How will the retailers use the data that is collected?

The retailers will use the linear measurements to improve their size charts and will also now be able to incorporate the body volume data to use body shape in the design and manufacture of clothes.

What geographical areas will the survey cover?

Anyone in the country can be measured - you just need someone to take a picture of you. Anyone with access to an iPhone iOS10 or above can download the App and take part in the survey and the more data collected, the better and more accurate the results will be.

Will there be an Android version?

Stage 1 of the survey is on iOS only to ensure there is consistency on data collection for the first 30,000 men and women to get a representative sample. Once we have collected the required data from 30,000 individuals, we will release the App for Android users with the aim of measuring the entire nation. The results will be far more than the last adult sizing survey in 2001 which measured 11,000 men and women in just 12 locations across the country.




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